Audio Timeliner

Audio Annotation Tool

The Audio Timeliner is an audio annotation tool that can be used to create bubble diagrams representing musical form. The tool can also be used to navigate between sections of music or to annotate audio segments for more detailed analytical study. Try It Now!Free Download

Version 2.1         (6/1/2017)

  • Bug fixes for audio playback issues.
  • Improved mac installer

Version 2.0         (6/6/2016)

  • Updated to work on newer Macs. No longer requires installation of Quicktime.
  • Now saves and opens .tim files (but still opens .v2t files)

This tool was originally developed as the Variations Audio Timeliner by the Indiana University Digital Library Program as part of the Variations2 digital music library project. This updated version (by the original principal author) is no longer directly associated with the Variations project.